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I’m  a second-year PhD candidate in composition and cultural rhetoric (CCR) at Syracuse University.  I have a B.A. in philosophy (2013) and M.A. in English (2015) from St. Bonaventure University.

My research interests center on questions of (nontraditional) authorship, intertextuality, and play. In particular, I like to a how authoring a text can get understood in more diffuse or ambient ways: communities, human-machine interaction, circulation, participation, unbounded texts. This connects to an interest in play and intertextuality, reflecting how texts rework or play with(in) a broader ecology of texts and “authors.”

More specifically, my current work deals with fandom, fanfiction, and game studies, particularly around sandbox and simulation games.

I term this site “Backyard Philosophy” to recall past memories growing up, talking about philosophy with friends outside, in our backyards, particularly on warm summer evenings.

I have a Twitter, a LinkedIn, and a Tumblr. Here is my current CV: cv-current






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  2. Hi Brett 😉 Thanks for stopping by my blog… To find the truth about life is through the heart and not the mind. The mind cannot comprehend the depths of the heart… Everything in this universe is made of energy and you only can only feel it… Sometimes you can’t even say it… Anyways that’s apart of the mysteries of life… Seek and you shall find…

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